From the Softball Diamond to the Lab: Kierstin Grotewiel’s Journey in Science and Softball

Kierstin isn’t your average first year SOU student. While scouting the field as a catcher for SOU’s softball team, she’s also a dedicated Biology major, eager to learn the intricacies of the scientific discipline. Kierstin came to SOU not just for the academics, but because of the vibrant campus community that SOU offers to students.

LAD Scholar Dev Kapil From India to Southern Oregon University On Facebook

Lithia & Driveway Scholar Dev Kapil: Fostering Community While Excelling in Academics

LAD Scholar Fiasamoa Faasauvale Finding Belonging Opportunity at SOU

Lithia & Driveway Scholar Finds Belonging & Opportunity at SOU

The next student in our LAD Scholar Series is Fiasamoa Faasauvale who has come to SOU from the village of Malaeloa in American Samoa. As the youngest of seven children in her family, Fiasamoa worked hard to support her family financially, an ethos instilled by her parents who have worked tirelessly to provide for their children’s education.

Honors College Scholar Taylor Jackson Balancing Brilliance on the Court and in the Lab Learn More

Honors College Scholar Taylor Jackson: Balancing Brilliance on the Court and in the Lab

Taylor Jackson, Honors College Scholar and SOU Beach Volleyball Athlete, is an exceptional student whose SOU journey exemplifies a commitment to societal betterment, academic excellence, and athletic skill. Taylor is a senior studying biochemistry with a minor in biology, and she hopes to enter the world of medicine and ultimately, would like to become a physician.  

Exploring Possibilities in Research Southern Oregon University Summer Research Experience Read More

Exploring Possibilities in Research: SOU’s Summer Research Experience

Spanning various academic departments, from Chemistry and Biology to Computer Science and Mathematics, and under the guidance of faculty mentors, the SOU Summer Research Experience engages students in projects that push the boundaries of conventional knowledge.

Spotlight on Creativity Athletics LAD Scholar Embraces Her First Year at SOU Read More

Spotlight on Creativity & Athletics: LAD Scholar Embraces Her First-Year at SOU

Natasha Perez Parra is our second featured LAD Scholar, a first-year SOU beach volleyball athlete who is studying Emerging Media and Digital Arts.  

Cultivating Student Leadership at SOU: Tiana Gilliland’s Scholarly Achievement and Leadership Development

Tiana Gilliland is a first-generation student who grew up in Grant Pass, Oregon. Tiana’s journey to SOU is a brilliant testament to the profound impact of higher education on students who earnestly carve their own path toward academic excellence.

Legacy Gift Will Foster Sense of Belonging and Community at SOU Read More

Legacy Gift Will Foster Sense of Belonging and Community

Sue and Mike Collins are driven by a commitment to community, education, and philanthropy. Their journey is a blend of shared experiences, professional accomplishment, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the world around them.

SOU-Welcomes-First Generation Scholarship Student Mayra Sanchez Contreras to Campus Read More

SOU Welcomes First Generation Scholarship Student Mayra Sanchez Contreras to Campus

Mayra, a first-generation college student, is dedicated to the pursuit of education and aspires to contribute to the field as an elementary or middle school teacher, a dream she’s had since she was very young.

Inspiring Change Agents Mentorship Propels Emerging Native Scholar Journey Read More

Inspiring Change Agents: Mentorship Propels Emerging Native Scholar’s Journey

Kayla Dumore wanted to stay close to home when she was thinking about college. Since she grew up in Central Point and graduated from Crater Renaissance Academy, place was an important factor in her decision making. She chose SOU as a way to stay close to family and also because of one of her influential mentors, Native American Studies faculty member Brent Florendo, guided her toward SOU as an exceptional educational choice.