Thomas Eldridge Painting SOU ALUM

A Legacy for the Arts: Artist & SOU Alum Leaves Bequest to Schneider Museum of Art

It’s not an uncommon experience for alumni of SOU to name the community as one of the most enduring and impactful reasons they loved SOU. There’s just something special about the small campus in Ashland that draws people to this beautiful location where art, connection, community, and purpose all converge.

Legacy Gift Will Foster Sense of Belonging and Community at SOU Read More

Legacy Gift Will Foster Sense of Belonging and Community

Sue and Mike Collins are driven by a commitment to community, education, and philanthropy. Their journey is a blend of shared experiences, professional accomplishment, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Legendary Wrestling Coach Creates Legacy

It was arguably no surprise to those who knew SOU wrestling coach Bob Riehm that he bequeathed a significant portion of his estate to the university’s men’s wrestling program. Riehm had a reputation for generosity. When a wrestler didn’t have money to go to his father’s funeral, Riehm gave the young man a credit card and the keys to his own car to allow him to attend the funeral. That was the kind of coach and person Riehm was to hundreds of student-athletes.