Building-Community-and--Resiliency at SOU

Building Community & Resiliency for Underrepresented Students

The writer and teacher bell hooks wrote that “…education as the practice of freedom affirms healthy self-esteem in students as it promotes their capacity to be aware and live consciously,” which relates beautifully to SOU’s mission of preparing students to become engaged citizens in our democracy. The SOU Bridge program does just this by providing resources to underrepresented students so they can learn how to create successful lives of purpose.  

Bridging the Gap: Donors Support SOU’s Bridge Program

SOU’s Bridge Program makes going to college and earning adegree possible for many students who cannot see higher education in their future. The program, designed to help Oregon students successfully transition to college, is specifically geared for students who are traditionally under-represented in higher education.

Taylor Burke photo

SOU Cares Program Helps Students When It’s Needed Most

“SOU Cares largely focuses on financial need, but the program also addresses a range of issues including mental and physical health, food insecurity, and basically anything that could impact a student’s ability to learn and thrive,” said Taylor Burke, former SOU Dean of Students.