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Scholarships Propel Nikita Bazarsky Toward Bright Future in Business Computer Science

Scholarships Propel Nikita Bazarsky Towards a Bright Future in Business & Computer Science

Learning never exhausts the mind, as Leonardo Da Vinci famously said, and for Nikita Bazarsky, current SOU Business student, this is a true statement that exemplifies the tremendous opportunity SOU has offered him to explore new pathways. Nikita’s experience at SOU showcases the phenomenal impact scholarships can have on students.  

From Ukraine to SOU: A Remarkable Journey of Resilience 

Originally immigrating from Ukraine to the United States, Nikita settled in the Rogue Valley with his mother in 2000. Initially, he arrived in the U.S. with no knowledge of English. His move was facilitated by a single relative who was already in the Rogue Valley, aiding in the immigration process. After several years, immigration issues arose, compelling Nikita and his mother to return to Ukraine temporarily to complete the green card application process. By then, Nikita had spent five years in the US, fully acclimated to the language and the American school system.  

Initially, Nikita expected a short stay in Ukraine, but it extended to nearly two years, during which he couldn’t attend school. Fortunately, he eventually returned to the U.S. with his mother, where he earned his GED, spent a year at RCC, and worked for several years before making the decision to recommit to his education and land at SOU.  

An Interdisciplinary Approach: Blending Technology and Business 

Nikita has been awarded multiple business scholarships to support his academic journey including the Will M. and Margaret Dodge Memorial Scholarship. Recognizing the value of a business background in today’s data-driven world, Nikita decided to blend his love for technology with his newfound interest in business. His academic journey now includes working towards a business degree with a computer science minor and a certificate in systems information, charting a path toward graduate studies in data analytics or data science.  

Man with glasses in white t-shirt smiling at the camera.

Business student Nikita Bazarsky

This interdisciplinary approach aligns with the evolving demands of the job market, where professionals who can bridge the gap between business strategy and data-driven decision-making are highly sought after. Nikita’s dedication to acquiring a diverse skill set is a testament to his forward-thinking mindset.  

He also was recently accepted into the McNair Scholar program thanks to the encouragement and support of the TRIO program advisers. Nikita says,

“The TRIO program has played a pivotal role in my educational journey. They’ve introduced me to opportunities I was previously unaware of. Through initiatives like scholarships and their nomination for the McNair program, they’ve expanded my horizons.”  

Looking ahead, Nikita envisions a career that not only allows him to utilize his expertise but also make a positive impact on society. His partner’s role as a forensic chemist with the USDA has been a source of inspiration. Nikita aspires to follow a similar path, potentially working for the U.S. government in roles related to data analysis and protection.  

Nikita sees the convergence of business and data science as a powerful combination. In a world where data is the new currency, he recognizes the critical role that data scientists play in shaping the future of businesses and industries. His ambition is to become an expert in this field, ensuring that he can contribute meaningfully to data-driven decision-making in the corporate world.  

Nikita continues, “My background didn’t naturally predispose me to academic success, but during my time at SOU, I’ve managed to maintain a commendable institutional GPA of 3.9. Along the way, I’ve earned a place on the president’s list multiple times, which serves as a gratifying acknowledgment of my efforts.”  

Academic Excellence and Beyond 

Nikita’s journey at SOU isn’t solely defined by academics. He is actively engaged in volunteer work and community service. His involvement with the USDA Forest Service lab, assisting in research and environmental projects, showcases his commitment to environmental sustainability.  

Additionally, Nikita’s dedication extends to humanitarian efforts. He is a valuable member of the Uniting for Ukraine Rogue Valley committee, where he uses his language skills to help refugee families find support and host families during their asylum period.  

Beyond his academic and philanthropic endeavors, Nikita possesses a unique talent – photography. His photography captures the beauty of his surroundings in southwestern Oregon.  

Scholarship Impact: Catalysts for Personal Growth and Academic Success 

As Nikita enters his junior year, he continues to explore new horizons, embrace opportunities for growth, and work towards his vision of becoming a data science expert with a business acumen. Nikita reflects, 

“Scholarships have been more than mere financial aid for me; they’ve ignited personal growth and fueled my academic journey. The unwavering support I’ve received has freed me from financial worries, allowing me to maintain a competitive GPA and excel in my studies.”  

As a non-traditional student, Nikita’s scholarship journey has demonstrated that opportunities for higher education are not limited to a select few. Scholarships can open doors for individuals who are dedicated and driven to pursue their dreams, regardless of age or background. Nikita says, 

“SOU has proven to be a place of astounding transformation, from the unwavering support of faculty to the wealth of resources at my disposal. I often find myself at a loss for words, marveling at the opportunities I’ve been granted. This goes beyond academic pursuits; it extends to the invaluable guidance and assistance I’ve received from both professors and advisors.”  


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