Schweiger_JohnThe Schweiger Factor

John Schweiger loves the Raiders. Really loves the Raiders. And his commitment is unwavering—even after a dozen years. John is so passionate about the Raiders that he makes converts everywhere he goes. His enthusiasm is infectious, his kindness is legendary, and his laugh is a joyful outburst that invites others to join in the joke. There are not enough adjectives to describe this gregarious and generous soul. After a brief leave of absence, John has recently returned to the role of President of the Raider Club for a second term, and the Raider Club welcomed him back with open arms.

The Raider Club provides scholarships to scholar-athletes. SOU has approximately 300 athletes, including twenty Academic All-Americans and competitive All-Americans.

“These young adults have a commitment to the University and themselves. They learn life skills during athletic competition—loyalty, communication, dedication, commitment, teamwork. And they have to be intelligent to succeed in sports,” John believes. “As a business owner interviewing two job candidates—with all things equal—I would absolutely choose the scholar-athlete. Because of those experiences on the field and in the classroom.”

In 1985, John founded Coming Attractions Theatres in Ashland, and the company has expanded along the West Coast to include Washington, Oregon, and northern California. SOU is grateful for John”s dedication to SOU athletics and the University in general. He also is currently serving a second term on the SOU Foundation Board.