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Finding a Place to Belong at SOU: LAD Scholar, Leader & Basketball Athlete Theodore Reid

The small campus and tight-knit community at SOU is a draw for many new students who are interested in finding community, leadership, and belonging. Theodore Reid, Lithia & Driveway scholar, is no exception. Hailing from the tight-knit community of Douglas County, Nevada, Theodore’s upbringing instilled in him a strong sense of community and a drive for success, all of which he has brought with him to SOU.

A Natural Leader: Inspiring Teamwork and Community 

Theodore began playing basketball at an early age. Even before organized leagues entered the picture, a mini hoop served as his loyal companion. By third grade, he was stepping onto the court, embarking on a nine-year journey that would become a cornerstone of his life. Basketball for Theodore wasn’t just about competition—it was about teamwork, dedication, and overcoming challenges. Unfortunately, COVID-19 stole his sophomore and junior seasons. His junior year return culminated in a regional championship win, followed by a trip to the state finals in his senior year. 

Also, for Theodore, Douglas High School in Nevada was a place for him to explore leadership and community service. He actively participated in the Block D club, a student-athlete organization dedicated to fundraising and community engagement. Here, Theodore honed his leadership skills, organizing events like powder puff games and carnivals, and fostering a spirit of giving back. This experience unveiled a natural ability to connect with people and inspire them to work together – a valuable asset he carries forward. 

Finding a Home at SOU 

While a big-city university might have appealed to some, Theodore yearned for a familiar atmosphere. At SOU, he could continue nurturing the community connections he values so much. His decision to pursue a degree in finance reflects his ambition for a stable career path, but his ultimate goal lies elsewhere – in the world of investment banking. This choice hints at a desire for financial security, not just for himself, but also for his family. 

The transition to college life can be daunting, but Theodore found comfort in the familiar. Living in Shasta Hall with fellow freshman basketball player fostered an instant connection. Dorm life provided an opportunity to build new friendships, replicating the sense of community he cherished in his hometown. Theodore says,

Everyone at SOU is so positive and encouraging. Professors really care that you understand the material, coaches go the extra mile to help you improve, and even upperclassmen are always willing to lend a hand. Having all these people in my corner really makes me feel like I can thrive.” 

Beyond Basketball: A Desire to Coach and Inspire 

While basketball remains a passion, Theodore’s aspirations extend beyond the court. His dream is to return to the world of coaching, potentially leading an AAU team or even a college program someday.  

Theo LAD Scholar Basketball SOU

LAD Scholar Theodore Reid

Theodore says,

The coaches I had growing up really made a difference in my life, and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. Seeing their passion and dedication firsthand is a big part of why I want to give back in the same way. I hope to share my knowledge and enthusiasm to inspire the next generation of athletes.” 

Life hasn’t been without its hurdles. Losing his father at a young age was undoubtedly the most significant challenge Theodore has faced. His ability to overcome this hardship speaks volumes about his character. He credits his faith and the understanding that some things are simply out of our control for helping him navigate this difficult period.  

The Lithia & Driveway Scholarship: A Life-Changer 

Theodore describes himself as someone who thrives on building connections, always sporting a smile and fostering positive interactions. This ability to connect with people will serve him well in his future career goals.  

The Lithia & Driveway Scholarship has played a pivotal role in Theodore’s journey. Theodore says,

“This scholarship takes a huge weight off my shoulders financially, and it also opens up incredible opportunities like internships and career support programs. Knowing I have this amazing support system behind me lets me focus on my studies, building relationships, and chasing my dreams.” 


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Theo LAD Scholar SOU Basketball