A Learning Legacy: Family Establishes Education Scholarship

Before George “Keith” Bayne passed away last year, he endowed the Alice Bayne Scholarship in Education, ensuring that his late wife would be remembered and that their shared love of learning would continue to encourage and support future educators.

A professor at the University of Louisville, Keith devoted his career to education. “He was always urging people to get an education and to use that education to find a job they loved,” said Kathy Dreyer, Alice and Keith’s daughter. “His passion for learning was what motivated my mom to go back to college after being out of high school for so long. She earned her bachelor’s degree at SOU, and Dad wanted to create a permanent reminder of who she was.”

Alice and Keith met in Colorado in 1954, while Keith was serving in the US Air Force. The two fell in love, married, and raised two daughters. Alice would earn a degree from SOU in 1969, finishing fifth in her class while raising the couple’s children. Alice went on to earn a master’s degree from the University of Louisville and began a 25-year career teaching fifth and sixth grade.

Dreyer said that throughout the couple’s lives, they fed their curiosity through travel, books, and teaching. “If my mom and dad could speak to the recipients of this scholarship, they would say, ‘You can do this, and you can take your education and make a difference in the world.’”

The Bayne’s energy and drive were an inspiration for their students, but also for Dreyer. A nurse, Dreyer taught nursing for about 10 years. “I really loved teaching. My dad was tickled that I ended up being a teacher,” she said.

Dreyer hopes that students who receive the Alice Bayne Scholarship can one day pay it forward to help other students continue with their education. “I hope that students who get this, or any other scholarship, will consider contributing when they are able,” she said.

For anyone considering giving to SOU, she said, don’t hesitate. “Supporting and encouraging someone in their education is one of the best ways to make a difference in their lives.” Dreyer said. “That’s just part of the Bayne family philosophy. If you can give money to help someone learn and grow, then do it.”