2023 Impact of Giving: The SOU Foundation Annual Report

Our optimism in philanthropic commitments for 2023 materialized remarkably—the dedicated generosity of over 2,600 benefactors set a new record, culminating in $15.4 million in contributions to strengthen the university. Notably, among these contributions is the most substantial philanthropic gesture in the history of SOU—an extraordinary commitment exceeding $12 million from Lithia and Driveway.

Janet Fratella, VP of University Advancement with Bryan DeBoer, Lithia & Driveway & SOU President Rick Bailey

In commemorating the 150th anniversary of SOU, we cherished a moment of reflection on our storied past and envisioned the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. That future is now a vibrant reality. Guided by President Rick Bailey’s visionary leadership, we are propelled towards establishing a university with an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging innovative thinking and bold actions. Collaboratively, we aspire to forge nationally renowned academic programs, attract and retain exemplary academic leaders, and implement comprehensive social and emotional support initiatives to guide our students successfully to the finish line. Indeed, we have momentum. 

This 2023 annual report recognizes the leadership of all those who believe in the future of Southern Oregon University. With the generosity of spirit that is the hallmark of our donors, coupled with energy and enthusiasm for what lies ahead, SOU will remain a vital and robust university. All of us are proud of what we accomplished last year, and we are eager to continue building the future together.  

To each of our loyal donors, thank you. We appreciate your commitment to the mission and vision of Southern Oregon University. 

Read the full impact of giving here: 2023 Annual Report.